Genealogy 101

Interview your elders

Depending on how close you are to your parent/elders, you may get some pushbacks. 

Know your tribe

Gather information 

Be open minded

Back to the future 

Start your research

Let’s put in some work 

Family Tree Template

Relationship Chart

Get Help

There are several individuals just like you doing genealogy. You may even find a cousin looking for you. For serious researchers, The Haitian Genealogy Facebook group holds 12 years of valuable questions and answers. Don’t hesitate to join.

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Genetic Genealogy

We receive around 50% of our DNA from each of our parent, whom receive 50% from theirs. By using a DNA test, it’s possible to connect with individuals doing the same research. This will help you tremendously. A DNA is not a magic bullet, research and some leg work are still necessary. It can also be very useful for an adopted person.

Haitian Genalogy 101.pdf